Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Posted on: 10th Feb 2021

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is for the celebration of love, and one of the best ways you can express love is by giving gifts to the people you care about. However, with the current economic situation, it is important that you give gifts that are financially smart as well as thoughtful.

See below the different types of Valentine’s day gifts you can get your loved ones this season.


  • Breakfast in Bed.

This is such a great gift because it is both thoughtful and romantic. However, if you are a couple that already does this often, you can try to shake things up by making him/her their favourite meal as breakfast. You can also include other things to this package like playing your loved one’s favourite song while they eat, make breakfast a 3-course meal or watch movies on Netflix after breakfast.

  • Gift them a Book

If your better half is a book lover, then getting them a book they have always wanted to read is a no-brainer. Books are an amazing gift because they come in all shapes and sizes; Hardcover, paperback, audiobook, eBook, Epub and Pdf. To make this gift more thoughtful, try to know which format your loved one likes to read their books in. If you don’t know, you can go ahead to gift them a book in all formats instead. You should also try to know which book(s) your better half is currently excited about reading. To put the cherry on the top of this gift, you can as well try to get the hard copy of the book autographed by the author.

  • Gift them Stock/Bond

This is something new couples are trying out. Instead of spending money on physical gifts and consumables that can finish, some coupes have started giving out monetary assets as gifts instead. This is a great way to show your better half that you are financially sound and is interested in growing wealth with them.

  • Get Life Insurance

We are in an uncertain world where anything can happen and with the economic situation in the country, you want to give your partner that assurance that whether you are there or not, you will continue to have their back and that can be the ultimate love declaration. Get a life insurance plan to show that you love them.


  • Customised gifts

Because parents are very special, giving a more customized gift item is advisable to make valentine memorable to them. Your gift to your parents could something physical like a customized mug, kitchen sets, matching accessories like rings, watches and so on. It could also be a personal experience like spending the entire day with them, taking them out to the beach, or anywhere relaxing.


Getting a valentine gift for children could be a bit tricky as it depends a lot on the age range of the child and what they are interested in

1. For children between the ages of 4-8

For this category, the types of gifts you can get include toys, pyjamas, comic books, learning items (like math set), and candy.

2. For children between the ages of 9-16

For this category, you can give them gifts like a game console (Play station, Xbox), a bicycle, phone, backpack or even new clothes. Taking them out to the amusement park or restaurant is also a valid gift.

3. For children of all ages

If there is a constant in the 21st century, it is that quality education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children. Getting them any of our education plans like the Children Education plan (CEP) and African Alliance Smart Kid Plan (ASK) and give them the gift of a bright future.

Giving out gifts on valentine’s day still remains one of the best ways of showing love. However, it is worthy of note that a gift shouldn’t really be what you would like to give, rather it should be what your Valentine would like to have. This should be the key guiding factor towards what you eventually give your partner. Always remember that it is the thought you put in that counts.



4 Ways To Make Better Money Decisions In 2021

Posted on: 30th Jan 2021


Life is easier when you know that you have the financial upstanding to reach your goals and achieve the things that are important to you. Making money is essential but how you treat that money is more important. Are you spending it all or saving and investing it?

The year 2021 is already going by fast and you certainly want to have a better financial status before the year runs out. If you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, these tips are for you.


Do you know that you spend more on the things you don’t need than the things you do need?

We spend money on so many things that we never use and that is part of what is not making you reach your financial goals. Buy only the things you need and save the extra money. You will be happy with your financial progress at the end of the year.


A lot of people get themselves into debts because they are in the habit of competing with people around them. You don’t have to change your car because your friend changed his car or even have a society wedding because a colleague did that. Cut your coat according to the cloth you have e and stay in your lane.


When you learn to restrict and control your spending habit, you are on your way to financial freedom. Budgeting is one of the hard things to do because “problem no dey finish” so it takes discipline to stay within budget when spending money. This will help you learn how to cut costs and save more than you spend.


We know how easy it is for money to leave your bank accounts, all you need to do sometimes is just swipe your ATM card or press USSD codes on your phone and money is gone. Invest in our Money Appreciation Plan (MAP) or African Alliance Investment Plan (AIP) so that you can not only have interests on your money but also get a life cover to make sure that it is protected.

For more information or to get started on any of our plans, send an email to


Head-Start: Preparing For The New Year

Posted on: 2nd Jan 2021

new year

There are lots of stories to tell about 2020, of losses and wins and most importantly, of life. No matter how rough the year was, you are here, so be thankful for life.

The new year is already here and as you are coming up with your new year resolutions, there are things you should know to help you prepare better for the new year:

  • Focus only on the things that matter. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we don’t need the things that don’t count.
  • Life is precious, insure it. Make smarter decisions in 2021, like getting life insurance and protecting the future of your loved ones. Click here to get started.
  • Financial security is non-negotiable. So invest in your future.
  • Multiple streams of income is the future.
  • Your health should be a priority.

Meanwhile, do not put any pressure on yourself about the things you didn’t achieve, you achieved the one that truly counts.
You survived all the craziness of 2020!

We want you to continue to survive so keep staying safe. Avoid large gatherings, use your face mask at all times, and wash your hands regularly.

Stay safe!


Feeling Low? 3 Things You Can Do To Stay Positive (+ 1 Bonus Tip)

Posted on: 17th Nov 2020

stay positive

We hope you got the rest you needed over the weekend.

And if you didn’t, this quote by Josephine Rathbone should encourage you to prioritise your rest even as you push forward at work:


If we could learn how to balance rest against effort, calmness against strain, quiet against turmoil, we would assure ourselves of joy in living and psychological health for life.


There are a thousand and one motivational quotes telling you to get up and get things done, but if you’re having difficulty staying positive and motivated, you’re not alone.

2020 has been a tough year in ways that many of us never anticipated. 

Instead of telling you to have a positive mindset, we encourage you to practice these 3 action points to keep you in a good headspace as the year winds down:


1. Journaling intentionally

stay positive

If you already journal, you know how writing down your thoughts and experiences helps you to make sense of them. But there’s an extra perk to journaling intentionally by writing down the best parts and achievements of your day: it gives you positive memories for the days you feel low.

Take your journaling to the next level by writing down positive affirmations for your life and career.


2. Get your blood pumping

stay positive

A few minutes of exercise a day is more effective than a thousand motivational quotes. Exercise is not just healthy, but also releases endorphins to give you that extra boost of energy you need to get things done.

While you exercise, ask your doctor what vitamins you should be taking for extra vitality.


3. Encourage others

stay positive

There’s something to be said about being a source of inspiration to others. Sometimes, what you need to get out of a negative headspace is a conversation with someone who needs encouragements. You might be trying to help them, but you’ll also be helping yourself stay optimistic about the future.



4. Continue coronavirus safety measures

stay positive

We also hope you’re still wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands. These tips have been our only protection since we were plunged into a global pandemic with no vaccine in sight, especially in these parts of the world.

You are of value to your family and friends, and to us. That’s why we urge you to continue to keep to covid-19 safety guidelines (even if it seems like everyone else isn’t).

It’s not all bad news, though. Scientists are working around the clock in different parts of the world to produce a Covid-19 vaccine, and just last week, Pfizer reported confident results in the human trials of their BNT162b2 vaccine. Yesterday, yet another success was reported by Moderna, whose vaccine is testing at more than 95% success rate.

In the absence of everything else, we can still hold on to hope.

Have a positive week ahead!

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6 Books on Financial Literacy You Should Read

Posted on: 13th Nov 2020


Money management is discipline and might look like it comes easy to some people but the truth is financial discipline is a learned habit. We need to educate ourselves more on financial literacy, which starts with keeping track of how you spend money to spending wisely and choosing to make safe investments like MAP.

Reading books related to finance is an easy way to help increase your financial prowess. So to help you out on your journey to financial freedom, these books should give you a great start on your new path.


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert Kiyosaki advocates the importance of financial literacy and provides basic rules and principles to achieve financial freedom. It teaches us the true meaning of assets and liabilities and also the fact that money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.


2. The Smart Money Woman

This book by Arese Ugwu is a good book following the lives of friends and exploring their money behaviour and journey to financial freedom. Each chapter has exercises which break the steps down for you.

It teaches women how to break their spending pattern and realize the need to be financially independent.


3. The Intelligent Investor


This book by Benjamin Graham enlightens you on investment tactics. It teaches you how to throw emotions of greed and fear out of the window while investing and also how to protect yourself from loss.


4. Risk and Return

Yomi Jemibewon writes about a journey that begins with a search for self-fulfilment, which then evolves into an entrepreneurial adventure filled with tribulations, triumphs and many life lessons that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

It teaches you about a way to navigate the challenging and sometimes terrifying times that a person experiences when embarking on a big life change.


5. Stop Acting Rich…And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire


This book by Thomas Stanley gives a clear and simple message to its readers that “lasting wealth and happiness is rarely found through buying expensive things”.

It teaches you the difference between being rich and acting rich, and that wealthy people invest their money so that they can meet their long term goals.


6. You Are a Badass at Making Money

This book by Jen Sincero is about mastering your money mindset, there are a few practical tips that anyone can employ, no matter where you are on your financial journey. It teaches you how to invest in things that will help you grow financially.

Financial Independence is very achievable and you can get there no matter what stage you are in financially. Investing in the right plan will help you stay disciplined while also helping you meet your financial goals.

Our Money Appreciation Plan is the plan you need to build your wealth and scale your financial plans.

To get started, click here.


5 Reasons to Develop a Savings Culture

Posted on: 12th Oct 2020


Developing a savings culture is one of the best habits you can cultivate, however, it requires a lot of discipline. We have put together some good reasons why you should start saving now. See them below.

  • For Emergencies

Accumulated savings will go a long way in helping you deal with any financial emergency that might come up like medical needs, car troubles, need a phone change, etc. Savings reduces the risk of you getting stranded.

  • Helps Manage Job Loss

Losing a job is a traumatic experience. It is a huge crisis if you suddenly lose your job and you don’t have any savings. It will also be hard to get a loan when you have lost your job.
Life is a journey of an unexpected series, you want to always prepare for the unexpected.

  • Prevents Debts

A lot of people resort to taking emergency loans when they have emergencies whereas, someone who has savings for an emergency can easily solve their problems without getting into debt.

  • Financial Freedom

There is a special peace of mind that comes with the comfort of knowing that you are financially comfortable and can afford to take care of any financial emergency unlike living from paycheck to paycheck.

  • Retirement funds

One of the long term benefits of saving is that you won’t have to worry about making a living after retiring. Making sure that you save a small percentage of your income over the years can add up to a huge amount as your retirement funds. That way, you can actually relax after retiring and travel the world.

You don’t need to have hundreds of thousands to start, for a plan that offers you more than just savings, check out our Money Appreciation Plan (MAP).


You Should Have An Esusu+ Plan, These Are Reasons Why

Posted on: 24th Sep 2020


A joint contribution (Esusu+) is a concept that has been in existence since the early 60’s or even more. It is when two or more people come together to save which then helps them achieve their goals with the money saved.

While our Esusu+ has the fundamentals of what joint contribution should be, our plan has even more benefits. See them below.

1. Teaches You Financial Discipline



To consistently take out a part of your money and save it will teach you financial discipline.

This helps you in the long run because you will be able to handle your finances better and not run into debt.

2. It Is Secured

Esusu + is a secure target savings plan that allows you to sleep well at night without the fear of someone running away with your money. You can regularly check your account balance with our CoralPay code.

3. Convenient Contribution Plans


With Esusu +, you have the option of choosing from our different contribution plans. Contribution can be made daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

4. Your Contribution Accrues Interest

With Esusu +, your contributions are credited with a sizable interest.

5. You Get a Life Cover

Your Esusu + plan comes with an additional life cover to protect your savings. In case of the event of death, your beneficiary/next of kin will receive your savings.

6. Regular Updates

Having an Esusu + plan means that you are always kept in the loop with a regularly updated statement of account.

7. Access To Large Sum

The additional great thing about Esusu + is that you can use your accumulated savings to embark on a big project like buying land, start a business, pay rent, buy a car, or even investing it.
It gives you the opportunity to receive your money all at once rather than a savings accounts that you can dip into.

Our Esusu + Plan is the real deal. Click here to get started.


5 Soft Skills Your Children Need To Have

Posted on: 14th Aug 2020

Soft skills are centered around communications, discipline, and how to relate with others. These essential skills are picked up outside of school and usually from family members and their peers. Most times, these important skills are hardly learned.

That self-confident colleague you have did not learn how to talk confidently during presentations from her Biology class. It is more likely, she learned by imitating a family member or a mentor.

These are 5 soft skills that your kids need to learn:


parenting in a pandemic


Helping your kids learn how to say thank you, please, sorry, you are welcome, yes ma, no sir. Accentuate manners into your day to day activities and encourage your children to do the same


Learning how to talk to others, getting your clear point across, without mumbling, or averting eye contact and slouching. Rather than tell your kids to not mumble their words, just tell them to speak clearly as kids pay attention to active language.

You should also encourage them to look directly at the person they are talking to, this will help them learn how to listen and respond appropriately.

Another way to help them learn communication skills is to allow them to sit in enough adult conversations, this will help them understand the basics of good conversations.


Every child should learn how to see things from another person’s perspective, it helps them to be less cruel and considerate of other people’s feelings. Children who learn empathy are those who grow up to be kind adults.


Soft Skills

This centers around controlling their emotions, like angry outbursts and even interrupting people, self-control is an essential soft skill that really should be taught from an early age.


How do your children interact with their peers? It is easy to get good players but making them play together can be difficult. Collaboration means learning to take turns, having the patience needed to listen and play a role in a team.

These traits can be encouraged by making them wait their turn when playing games and rewarding them when they are able to successfully. Encouraging them to join a sport, drama or even a debate team can also help them learn to play a valuable role while in a team.

Children learn a lot of things by example so before you think these might be difficult to teach, all you need to do is to incorporate the things in your daily life and watch your children try to emulate you.

Another thing that should be started when they are young is an education plan. This will leave you assured that no matter what happens or what life brings, your children’s education will always be cared for.

You can secure your children’s future with African Alliance Smart Kids Education Plan (ASK) and Children Education Plan (CEP).
To get started, click here.


6 Ways To Take Charge of Your Finances in 2020

Posted on: 21st Jul 2020

The first half of 2020 started off on such an optimistic note, but with the global COVID-19 pandemic, the year has taken an uncertain turn. It might even seem like the financial goals for 2020 you made have all been derailed.

We are sure that you had lots of plans for the year and July is the best time to reevaluate the progress made on those financial goals in the last few months and set new, realistic goals based on that reassessment. Beyond life, you have to take charge of your finances too.

Not sure about where to start? We have some ideas to help:


Creating a budget-making habit takes discipline, but once it becomes part of your financial planning arsenal, it is indispensable. It’s important to create an actionable budget that works for every aspect of your life and be realistic about how much you need to spend.


Recent events have shown us all that emergency funds are indispensable. As much as possible, have at least 3 months of your monthly income stashed away for when things get really rough. Your emergency fund could be a lifesaver.


The key to having multiple streams of income is to find an opportunity or problem and create a solution to it, or to invest strategically. The first approach would create a side-gig for you to operate while you still run your day job, and investing makes sure that your money works for you while you sleep.


Debts can seem very oppressive, but it’s much more manageable when you break them down into an easy payment plan. Start paying them off little by little to ease the burden.


Rent comes around every year, so it’s only smart to start early to plan for next year. Put aside a small amount every month instead of waiting until rent month and then taking large amounts of cash that set you back for months. By the time the rent rolls around, you might even have more than the amount you need.


With all the uncertainty in the world right now, life insurance has become even more important. Education insurance, in particular, makes sure that your children’s lives are not disrupted by a tragic event. Whether you are there or not, your dreams for them will stay on track.

The most important day in everybody’s lives is today, so if you want to get ahead in 2020, the best time to start is now. Start making plans, start creating solutions, and making long-term decisions for you and your family today.

To get started, send us a mail at We are always available to help you.

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How To Prepare Your Children For School Resumption

Posted on: 26th Jun 2020

As schools are preparing to resume, most parents are worried about letting their wards back to school in fear of them contracting the COVID-19. These fears are valid and while resumption might be inevitable especially as parents are resuming work and you want your children to have a quality education, these are ways to prepare your kids for school resumption to reduce the chances of them contracting the disease.



Depending on the age of your children, they might not have fully grasped how dangerous coronavirus is and what social distancing will mean for them. For older kids, you might ask, “What are you hearing about coronavirus? Does it scare you?” For younger children, you could say, “Do you have questions about the new sickness that’s going around?” This gives you a chance to learn how much kids know — and to teach them to grow a positive mindset.



Spend the next few weeks/days before school reopens to rehearse all public safety precautions and social distancing measures. Show your children the best handwashing and hygiene techniques to practice and encourage them to teach their friends to do the same.



Children cannot use adult masks so it is important that you get them facemasks that are perfect and comfortable for their age. Get pocket-sized sanitizers and encourage them to use it frequently.



Children are easily distracted, and by default very playful. While you cannot be there with them in school to make sure they are not touching the wrong things, you can make sure that they understand the importance of washing and sanitizing their hands at intervals and making sure they don’t touch their body without sanitizing first.
Spell it out with details. E.g No Hugs, No utensil sharing at school, No playtime in school, etc.
Take your time to explain to them using practical examples that will be easy to understand.



Children notice things that an adult will not necessarily pay attention to, make it a point to encourage your children to express their observations and concerns about how their school is handling the situation.

Prepare better for school resumption by getting them a good education plan like our Child Education Plan, which helps you provide adequately for all your child’s educational needs without any stress.

To buy this plan right away, please click here.

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