Children Education Plan

The African Alliance Children Education Plan is perfect for you if you have children and you are determined to give them a much higher quality of education than you had, whether you are around for that event or not.
Have you planned your children’s future education ?
The African Alliance Children Education Plan is an educational life insurance policy that provides a secure amount to fund your children’s future tuition and lifestyle.

Planning your children’s future as early as possible is one of the smartest decisions parents take. The African Alliance Children Education Plan helps you plan for the level of education your children deserve, whether you are there to care for them or not.

Key Features

  • Upon maturity, the accrued bonuses are paid in addition to the sum assured.
  • In the event of loss of life or permanent or total disability of the policy holder while the policy is still effective, 2% of the pre-agreed total amount is paid monthly to the named beneficiary from date of death to expiration of policy duration. When the policy expires, the sum assured is also paid.
  • In the event where the policy holder is living when the policy expire, the sum total is paid out including bonuses.
  • There are no taxes on premiums paid, giving you a higher incentive and purchasing power.
  • Upon request, policy loans can be granted after two (2) years, within the duration of the cover.

Payment Methods

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