Mortgage Protection Plan

The African Alliance Mortgage Protection Plan is perfect for you if you are in the process of getting a mortgage for your house and you worry what would happen to your loved ones if you are not around to complete the structure when you still owe.

The African Alliance Mortgage Protection Plan is a well-structured life insurance plan that ensures your family is protected against creditors in the event of the death of a mortgagor (person taking out the mortgage) during the policy term.
During the period of the mortgage, if the mortgagor dies, we step in and pay out the loan balance for the completion of the house saving your family stress and embarrassment.


  • Full loan (from mortgage), or outstanding loan balance is payable in the event of death, to the creditor e.g. bank) thereby enabling the family to enjoy the provisions made for them by the policy holder (YOU).
  • The policy stays in force throughout the duration of the loan repayment, giving you peace of mind each minute, every day.
  • This premium is a One-off premium and it keeps you covered for as long as the loan is in force.

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