Money Appreciation Plan

The African Alliance Money Appreciation Plan is perfect for you if you need a smart investment and a life insurance policy that helps you save while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having a life cover.

The African Alliance Money Appreciation Plan is a hybrid life insurance plan that allows you to save, make interest on your savings and at the same time you get a life insurance cover. The essence of this plan is to save you the stress of saving separately and being insured separately when you can do both together.

This endowment plan has a 30% payout that works like a savings plan but its advantage over savings plans out there is that 30% of your guaranteed sum is anticipated at each one third of the duration.

If you want more from your savings and an assurance that your loved ones will still benefit from your hard work whether you are there to care for them or not, you should start a peaceful life with the African Alliance Money Appreciation Plan.

Our Money Appreciation Plan ensures;

  • Periodic payments of 30% of your sum assured which is paid to you during the period of cover.
  • Completely tax free!…which means you have more purchasing power.
  • Payment of accidental death benefit in addition to the sum assured in the event of accidental death.
  • Upon maturity and/or death, accrued bonuses are paid in addition to the sum assured.
  • Upon request, policy loans can be granted after two (2) years, within the duration of the cover.

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