Alliance Investment Plan

The African Alliance Investment Plus Plan is perfect for you if you want to earn interest on savings and receive an automatic life cover to provide for your family if you are not around. Have BIG GOALS for the FUTURE? Then START planning NOW with as low as N4999.99.


The African Alliance Investment Plus Plan provides you with an added advantage over saving your money in a bank you earn a significant amount of interest and enjoy an additional life cover up to N1,000,000 whilst ensuring that this amount is sent to whomever you nominate if you pass away during the investment period, whether the insurance term is complete or not.

This plan is also a savings and investment product that gives you the peace of mind that comes with a pure life insurance cover. This gives you comprehensive control of your future and your finances, no matter what the future holds.


  • You earn up to 5% interest on your savings, which is higher than what most commercial banks offer.
  • We insure your life during the cover period, ensuring that if death occurs while the policy is on, a FREE amount as high as N1,000,000 (depending on your policy) plus the money you would have contributed is sent to your pre-listed nominees to assist them during the period of loss.
  • You become eligible to request policy loans after your first two years of saving.
  • No medical examination required.
  • You can request for your financial statements at any time.

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