Parenting in a Pandemic: Ten (10) Ways To Keep Your Children Occupied At Home

Posted on: 27th Mar 2020

parenting in a pandemic

Being stuck at home with your kids because of the pandemic doesn’t mean you have to lose your sanity or drive your kids bonkers with boredom. With a little planning, you can cope through these unique challenges and as always, we have tips to help parents go through this phase as stress-free as possible.

Here are some practical tips you might find helpful for parenting in a pandemic:

1. Set a Routine

parenting in a pandemic

Create a routine for every day and educate everyone as to how the routine will work. Take care not to fill the day with so many activities that they start to get rebellious or tired. It should be a proper mix of school work, playtime, screen time and of course, nap-time.

2. Make Learning Fun

parenting in a pandemic

Get creative! There are tons of free printable activities for kids on the internet, pick out the ones that best suit your kids. Ensure there is a short, set time for learning. Add fun to the mix by including fun books, puzzles, and other creative games.

3. Safe-proof the home

parenting in a pandemic

If you’ve got toddlers, do watch out for choking hazards and sharp objects that could hurt them while they run around the house. Keep the kitchen locked and stairways closed, remove choking hazards from within reach, and keep all medicines, household cleaners, garden chemicals and sharp objects well out of your toddler’s reach. You can also schedule a pest control inspection at to keep your home pest free.

We also recommend having your home tested for Radon since you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. Radon specialists at can accurately test Radon Levels in your home and are qualified to install an effective Radon Mitigation System if necessary.

You might also be concerned with elements outside of your yard, like lakes, ponds, cliffs, or hills. By installing a split rail fence Colorado Springs, you ensure that no one within your yard will accidentally fall into a body of water, fall off a cliff, or climb a dangerous bluff.

4. Take turns with your partner

parenting in a pandemic

It’s important to share responsibilities and chores with your partner (or other adults in the home), especially if you’re both working from home. Set break times at different times so while dad spends break time with the kids, mum can concentrate fully at work and vice versa.

5. Stock up on entertainment

parenting in a pandemic

Bored kids will run you ragged, so stock up on games like 카지노 먹튀, storybooks, activity books, coloured pens and paint, TV shows and movies to keep them busy during the day. Create a safe and dedicated play area for the kids to ensure they do not distract your workflow. You, too, deserve some fun so check out reviews for instant withdrawal casinos.

6. Communicate

parenting in a pandemic

Parents might be tempted to shield their children from what’s happening, but that doesn’t help. Instead, explain the situation to them in simple terms (“…we don’t want to fall sick with the coronavirus, so mum and dad are working from home right now...”) and let them know what that means for them. Answer their questions as clearly as possible so they don’t become afraid or anxious.

7. Allow Quality Screen time

parenting in a pandemic


Parents usually limit screen time for kids, but you can relax that by regulating what they watch on the TV. Screen time can be incorporated into schoolwork and for fun. You can try YouTube Kids and/or Netflix for a great line-up of cartoons and educational shows/programs for kids of all ages. However you can let your children watch their favorite shows on a bigger screen tv similar to the ones at Euronics! Check it out for more info!

8. Reward Good Behavior

parenting in a pandemic

Rewards are very important, it gives children something to look forward to. Promise them treats for finishing tasks, for giving mum and dad a few hours to work, and for getting through the day – even if it was a bad day.

9. Teach Them Some Life Skills

parenting in a pandemic

This is your opportunity to connect with them outside school, teach them practical things you probably didn’t have time for before. Tell them stories from your time growing up and encourage them to tell stories from school too. This is the time to build memories they will remember always.

When you hire a landscaping company, they could get highly creative with new innovative ideas that can enhance the beauty of your landscape. They can offer suggestions on some Naperville landscape enhancements, and it’s up to you to go for it or not.

10. Connect With Loved Ones

parenting in a pandemic

Children still need to see their friends and family. Organise video calls with other parents so they can see their friends, and have aunts, uncles and grandparents call once in a while and talk to them so they don’t feel so alienated. Avoid PHYSICAL VISITS at all costs!

Planning for the times is good, planning ahead is better. Secure your child’s future with our Children Education Plan.  Send us a mail on or a message on WhatsApp (234) 08130858310 to get started.

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