6 Books on Financial Literacy You Should Read

Posted on: 13th Nov 2020


Money management is discipline and might look like it comes easy to some people but the truth is financial discipline is a learned habit. We need to educate ourselves more on financial literacy, which starts with keeping track of how you spend money to spending wisely and choosing to make safe investments like MAP.

Reading books related to finance is an easy way to help increase your financial prowess. So to help you out on your journey to financial freedom, these books should give you a great start on your new path.


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert Kiyosaki advocates the importance of financial literacy and provides basic rules and principles to achieve financial freedom. It teaches us the true meaning of assets and liabilities and also the fact that money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.


2. The Smart Money Woman

This book by Arese Ugwu is a good book following the lives of friends and exploring their money behaviour and journey to financial freedom. Each chapter has exercises which break the steps down for you.

It teaches women how to break their spending pattern and realize the need to be financially independent.


3. The Intelligent Investor


This book by Benjamin Graham enlightens you on investment tactics. It teaches you how to throw emotions of greed and fear out of the window while investing and also how to protect yourself from loss.


4. Risk and Return

Yomi Jemibewon writes about a journey that begins with a search for self-fulfilment, which then evolves into an entrepreneurial adventure filled with tribulations, triumphs and many life lessons that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

It teaches you about a way to navigate the challenging and sometimes terrifying times that a person experiences when embarking on a big life change.


5. Stop Acting Rich…And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire


This book by Thomas Stanley gives a clear and simple message to its readers that “lasting wealth and happiness is rarely found through buying expensive things”.

It teaches you the difference between being rich and acting rich, and that wealthy people invest their money so that they can meet their long term goals.


6. You Are a Badass at Making Money

This book by Jen Sincero is about mastering your money mindset, there are a few practical tips that anyone can employ, no matter where you are on your financial journey. It teaches you how to invest in things that will help you grow financially.

Financial Independence is very achievable and you can get there no matter what stage you are in financially. Investing in the right plan will help you stay disciplined while also helping you meet your financial goals.

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