4 Ways To Make Better Money Decisions In 2021

Posted on: 30th Jan 2021


Life is easier when you know that you have the financial upstanding to reach your goals and achieve the things that are important to you. Making money is essential but how you treat that money is more important. Are you spending it all or saving and investing it?

The year 2021 is already going by fast and you certainly want to have a better financial status before the year runs out, so you can actually use resources like trade fx with VT Markets in the UK to improve your finance as well. If you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, these tips are for you.


Do you know that you spend more on the things you don’t need than the things you do need?

We spend money on so many things that we never use and that is part of what is not making you reach your financial goals. Buy only the things you need and save the extra money. You will be happy with your financial progress at the end of the year.


A lot of people get themselves into debts because they are in the habit of competing with people around them. You don’t have to change your car because your friend changed his car or even have a society wedding because a colleague did that. Cut your coat according to the cloth you have e and stay in your lane.


When you learn to restrict and control your spending habit, you are on your way to financial freedom. Budgeting is one of the hard things to do because “problem no dey finish” so it takes discipline to stay within budget when spending money. This will help you learn how to cut costs and save more than you spend.


We know how easy it is for money to leave your bank accounts, all you need to do sometimes is just swipe your ATM card or press USSD codes on your phone and money is gone. Invest in our Money Appreciation Plan (MAP) or African Alliance Investment Plan (AIP) so that you can not only have interests on your money but also get a life cover to make sure that it is protected.

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