Mudharabah Investment Plan

(Target Savings)

This is a Takaful plan designed for everyone who desires to invest his money in line with the shariah. This type of plan is meant for anybody that intends to build capital over a period. The Plan allows you to save and invest your money at your own convenience to meet certain targets/ needs with accrued profit in the nearest future. The investment period ranges from 2 years and above.


Key Features

  • Systematic savings and investment.
  • Returns on investment based on Islamic concept of Al-Mudharabah
  • Flexible maturity period ranging from 2 years and above.
  • Investment not forfeited in the event of cancellation
  • Payment could be made monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly and single contribution.
  • Peace of mind for dealing in a Shariah-Compliant investment
  • Anyone between the ages of 18 and above
Minimum Contribution
  • As low as N6000.00 (Six thousand naira) per month
Maturity Period
  • 2 years and above
Minimum Contribution


  • Ranging from N10,000 per month and above
Mode of Payment
  • Cash or Cheque
  • Bank Internet Transfer
  • Direct Debit

Distribution of Contribution

  • All contributions will be credited into the Participant’s Account (PA) as savings. The account is also credited with the Participant’s share of the profit.

Payment of Benefits

On Maturity:

  • The total amount in the Participant’s Account plus profit sharing;

On Death:

  • The total amount in the Participant’s Account plus profit sharing;

On Surrender:

  • Payment of the amount in the Participant’s Account plus profit sharing.

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