Meet the African Alliance Staff Francess Isiuwe

Posted on: 18th Jul 2019

African Alliance is giving customers a closer look to the dedicated staff behind the success of the Life Insurance brand.

Every week, a staff will share their story to give you an inside look to working with African Alliance Insurance Plc. Francess Isiuwe shares her dynamic African Alliance story below.


My name is Francess Isiuwe, a graduate of Mass Communication and I started working here at African Alliance last year. Prior to my reassignment to AA, I first crossed paths with the company after being employed by her sister outfit, the Agency Operation Branch in February 2016. I was formerly in the Finance department but have now found a new home in Technical (Customer Care). My job is absolutely wonderful as it has really boosted my confidence in customer relations in more ways than one. Being able to communicate effectively and practice the fine art of relationship management is what I’m afforded here at AA.




The staff at African Alliance are very team-spirited individuals and we’re able to carry out our
responsibilities seamlessly with a unique level of synergy. These people are practically family to me. I recall an incident where I was sick and even though my body hadn’t gotten the memo yet, my boss was able to spot that something was off and sent me home. She was right and even sent me back home when I returned earlier than expected until I was perfectly okay. An ordinary work colleague wouldn’t do that, only someone who is family would.

I love my job but besides it, I also love a good adventure and so I like to travel. When I’m not traveling, I’m probably eating yam and beans or making out time to chill at Zen Bar.
If I had a million dollars, I’d invest in makeup and life insurance – I have four policies at the moment.


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