Meet African Alliance Staff Kemdi Olalekan!

Posted on: 25th Jul 2019

African Alliance is giving customers a closer look to the dedicated staff behind the success of the Life Insurance brand.

Every week, a staff will share their story to give you an inside look to working with African Alliance Insurance Plc. Kemdi Olalekan shares her dynamic African Alliance story below.

Kemdi Olalekan

I am Kemdi Olalekan and I’ve been blessed to work here at African Alliance for over a decade now, 11 years to be precise (since 2008). I’m currently in the Technical (Customer Care) department and it gives me so much joy to be put in a position where I’m able to dish out customer satisfaction on a daily basis.
My colleagues here at AA are like family. They are thoughtful and very kind people and we have come to learn how to love and tolerate one another. I’ve learned to be patient in my time here and also how to share everything from knowledge to things that are both official and unofficial.

Kemdi Olalekan

African Alliance has given me a sense of purpose. Its current MD, Mrs. Funmi Omo (@funmiaomo )has a lot to do with that as she’s a huge inspiration to us all.
I live for my kids and when I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with them and cooking for my family. I enjoy a good plate of Delta eba and oha soup. I’m a foodie who loves to cook and everybody knows (even those at work). I also enjoy reading and indulging in movies. My favorite book has to be “See You at The Top” by Zig Ziglar and for movies, I think “GOT” and “Empire” are really good TV series.
The most exciting day of my life remains my wedding day to my lovely husband and if I had a million dollars, I’d invest it in real estate, agriculture and also pay up on premiums for my current life insurance!

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