Nigerian Women with Resilient Spirits that Inspire Us

Posted on: 20th Mar 2019

In today’s world, it is truly breathtaking and quite inspiring to see what a woman can achieve. For too long a time, the world was perceived and previously thought to belong to the man. However, what history has done over and over again is to remind us that women are just as tough, can be just as rugged and are quite the goal-getters. For a people previously denied the opportunity to excel and reap the fruits of their labor, they sure are resilient and it is downright inspiring to see what a woman can achieve even against all odds.


In this article, we would do our best to take a look at a few women of Nigerian descent, who possess spirits so resilient that their reputation precedes them wherever they go. These Nigerian women have done their best to break the status quo and have redefined the parameters for success. They are focused, highly driven, result-oriented and passionate about their endeavors.


We would do our best to briefly highlight some of these women while touching on just a few career paths that they have chosen. Some of these Nigerian female superheroes include;

  1. Folorunsho Alakija.

This enigma of a woman has been blazing the trail for as long as anyone can remember. She managed to stand out in a business heavily (if not solely) dominated by men. An oil and gas merchant and fashion designer, Mrs. Alakija is a phenomenon to be reckoned with.  One time the richest black woman on the planet (in 2014), she’s enjoyed successes in most of her business endeavors especially Famfa Oil.



  1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Mostly known for being a writer and activist, Chimamanda is nobility in the eyes of the Nigerian/African woman. Her influence comes from her resilient spirit as she is well-known for her numerous battles against the status quo. Over time, she has challenged systems that don’t enable the wholesome prosperity of the black woman. She is a prominent literary personality said to be one of the most respected Anglophone authors, non-fiction writers, and novelist.



  1. Mo Abudu.

Once listed as one of the ‘25 Most Powerful Women in Global TV’, Mosunmola Abudu is a powerhouse when it comes to media and television. She is the CEO of EbonyLife TV, a TV channel airing in up to 47 African countries including the UK and the Caribbean. Mo Abudu is queen when it comes to movie-making and has churned out movies that have gone ahead to amass over N100 million in profit.




  1. Funmi Omo.

As far as the Nigerian corporate environment is concerned, there are very few women in the game. One of such women is the outstanding Managing Director of African Alliance Insurance PLC, Mrs. Funmi Omo. Over the years, she has carved a niche for herself gradually rising through the ranks to emerge as the first female MD since the inception of African Alliance, one of Nigeria’s biggest and long-standing insurance companies.



  1. Stella Chinyere Okoli.

She is unarguably the owner of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria, Emzor Pharmaceutical. It’s been 42 years since the University of Bradford Graduate began her journey, having started out with a small pharmacy called ‘’Emzor Chemists Limited’’. Today, Emzor is valued as a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company.



  1. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

This list is hardly complete without the mention of former Nigerian Finance Minister and one-time Managing Director of World Bank. She currently sits as a distinguished member on numerous boards like Standard Chartered Bank, Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, the African Risk Capacity and even Twitter. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala can be best described as the mitochondria of anything she lays her hands on.



  1. Juliet Ehimuan.

Google’s country manager in Nigeria is the super intelligent Juliet Ehimuan. Her work profile boasts of nothing but flawless accomplishments. This bright and vibrant lady of excellent personage is a huge supporter and driver of youth engagement. In 2011, she was listed as one of the ‘20 Youngest Power Women in Africa’.




The women above are worthy of mention and are nothing short of inspirational. They have battled all obstacles and all forms of limitations (both natural and man-made), and have stood the test of time forging ahead to reach gold standard in their various fields.


The Financially Independent Woman: 3 Ways to become One

Posted on: 5th Mar 2019

There was a time the woman literally couldn’t take possession of what was hers or what she had earned. She labored hard but labored in vain, as in many countries women had come to be marginalized for decades over. This was the status quo until a new era emerged that saw women begin to fight tooth and nail in order to get their foot in the door. While this battle is still very much on-going, in this current dispensation a woman has way more opportunities than she’s ever been allowed to have.

Time has passed and today’s woman can seize the top-spot for herself and be almost anything she wants including and especially being financially independent. To become a president, or a CEO or to receive the highest honor at work (even a promotion) may or may not be a challenge for some women, but being a financially independent one is a hurdle every woman should be able to overcome. It takes diligence and dedication and of course a great deal of hard-work but it is definitely possible.

3 Ways a Woman Can Achieve Financial Independence.
No matter how much money you make, you can always aim for financial independence. Don’t be misled into thinking that you need to earn in millions before you can achieve this. We would just briefly discuss three (3) ways a woman can attain financial independence and they include;

1. Run on a Budget.
For virtually anyone (and that includes the woman), the roadmap to financial independence always starts with creating a realistic budget (with emphasis on the word “realistic”). You don’t want to create a budget that is too stringent so much so, that you can barely afford the basic things. It should be flexible and allow just enough spending that is necessary and not over-the-top. It is advisable for every woman irregardless of her current financial standing, to make sure she runs on a monthly (or even a weekly budget).

2. Be Money-conscious to avoid Impulse-buying.
The number one plague preventing many women from achieving financial independence is impulse-buying. This is why a budget is very necessary, however, this is a whole case-in-point on its own as even with a budget, if you’re not money-conscious, you will still fall under the very persuasive spell to buy anything in sight that catches your attention. You must learn to be intentionally money-conscious in order to break loose from the spell of impulse-buying.

3. Passive Income & Retirement Plans.
It is not nearly enough for any woman who is serious about financial independence to rely on one stream of income. Every woman should work towards earning passive income. It can be some form of entrepreneurship, or taking up investments or perhaps taking up a savings plan attached to any of the life insurance schemes from the stables of African Alliance. This can easily serve as your retirement plan as well. Planning for the future is essential to staying financially secure.

Women can empower themselves to do exploits when they’re financially independent. Money isn’t everything, but it sure makes the world go round. So before you set out to break boundaries and to achieve what was previously thought impossible, get your money up and be financially secure, you’ll have go farther and have more impact when you’re financially independent.


Single and Saving? It’s the best time to do so

Posted on: 4th Mar 2019

It is statistically proven that there isn’t a better time to save than when you’re still single. The responsibilities of a single person no matter how enormous is bound to double or even triple when he or she gets married. The wedding ceremony itself is where your finances first take its major hit, afterward, the spending streak continues. No one is trying to put off marriage or discourage the union of any two people, but we cannot deny the fact that having a spouse and having to take care of each other doesn’t come cheap.

There is a strong chance that you may end up depleting whatever little you may have saved if you haven’t been taken the necessary precautions to imbibe and practice a good savings culture. The risk of this happening is greatly reduced if, by chance or rather by intentional and deliberate efforts, both parties have been single and saving.

3 Ways to Help Single People Save.
At this juncture, let us take a look at some of the ways a single person can save up. They include;

1. Budgeting.
The effectiveness of budgeting can never be overemphasized. It is the singular most important rule for saving money anywhere. As long as you are a human being, you have wants, needs, and cravings here and there. This is a known fact and it applies greatly to the single person who has no restriction (or spouse) to curb his or her excesses. So what do you do? You make a budget and stick to it. Whether it’s a budget for groceries, entertainment and so on, make a budget and stick to it if you want to save money.

2. Keep the Relevant, Discard the Irrelevant.
A lot of single people hold on to stuff they don’t need. If you check very carefully, there are a few things in your space that you don’t need and are still in good and quality condition. Sell them! Find what you can sell or what you can have exchanged for something else that you intended to spend money on.

3. Investments.
There is a sizable portion of single people who believe making investments when still unmarried is a waste of time. Their rationale is that it will be better to build and make investments as couples so that it will cater to their needs as a family and that of their kids in the future. Unfortunately, this notion is ill-conceived and only puts you the single person at risk leaving you with not enough savings and no investment experience whatsoever. If you’re single or unmarried, this is the perfect time to make investments in order to get a hang of it. This way you are better prepared should you decide to get married and invest in the future.

4. Life Insurance.
If the amount of singles who don’t believe in investments is of sizable proportions, then the ones who don’t believe in life insurance as a healthy saving plan is three times that number. Unknown to them, insurance policies can be upgraded, updated and eventually merged. Life insurance is a great savings strategy and African Alliance has enough insurance schemes accompanied by good saving options that singles can benefit from.

There is a notion that being married makes an honest man or woman out of you. What this means is that you are more likely to take on the responsibility of securing your future (especially financially) when you get married. However, consider a scenario where even while you are single, you are able to exercise some good saving habits. It will benefit nobody else but you in both the short and long run.


How to Show Yourself Some Financial Love This Valentine Season

Posted on: 12th Feb 2019

Everyone right now who is coupled up either by the virtue of being married or just in a relationship, is practically in a utopia where everything smells like, looks like and even tastes like love. Their entire being is focused on assembling all the love they can produce, ready to shower it on their partners. On the other hand, there is the group preparing to receive this show of love, or rather, this grandiose and elaborate show of affection (and we’re referring to both men and women, as this goes both ways and that we can assure you). The love scenarios will play out endlessly for the next couple of days (perhaps for the rest of the month) and it will be all thanks to the Valentine season.

After all, is said and done, we can only help but reflect on these simple yet true words; “how can you love another, if you don’t first love yourself?” The truth of the matter is that it is technically impossible. Anyone that doesn’t exercise what is termed “self-love” will find it a bit challenging to love someone else. You must first love yourself and what better way to do so than in the area of your finances.

So, the question here is how can you show yourself some financial love?



  1. Opt for a Financial Savings Plan.

Everybody’s getting chocolate and sweets and flowers and all that lovey-dovey stuff, but you can get one better. How? By setting up a savings plan. This can be done however you choose, as long as you’re saving and it starts now.

Whether it’s opening a dedicated savings account, or talking to your account officer to do one of those electronic account set-ups where a portion of your income goes directly into a reserved savings account, just get it done and gift yourself something special this season.


  1. Create a Solid Budget.

One of the best financial gifts you can give yourself is to make an expense budget and stick to it. In the long run, you would’ve found a way to save money and if that doesn’t make you happy we don’t know what will (perhaps, saving more money).

Creating a budget helps you cut down unnecessary spending. Take this Valentine season, for example, you might be tempted this period to do a lot of impulse-buying. Anything that has a love shape on it or just looks really red and you might be tempted to pull out the wallet or bag and swipe the ATM card. Don’t do it, make a budget and follow it religiously.


  1. Kick start Investments for your Future.

This is the time to start making wise investments. This is the kind of Valentine gift whose value will peak in the long run. Don’t think of right now, but instead think of the future. See Investments made this season as a gift for a Valentine in the future.


  1. Take Out a Life Insurance Package.

If you really want to show yourself some love this season, think of the ones you love and how much they mean to you. When you’re able to see this picture clearly, you’d know that taking out a life insurance plan will determine what happens to them when you’re no more. Give them the Valentine gift of a lifetime.

Note also that, some insurance companies (African Alliance for example), also have saving plans intertwined nicely with life covers attached.


In fact, there are many ways to show yourself some self-love, but even in this season of Valentine, some people would prefer a financial upgrade to gifts and grand expressions. Many would take some money or the assurance of one, over a cardboard box wrapped with a bow.



Financial Partnership with Your Life Partner

Posted on: 6th Feb 2019

It’s the season of love and many of you who are coupled, engaged or married are basking in it. But while all of this is on-going, it is easy to forget or brush off some pertinent things such as finances in relationships. Whether you’re married and especially if you’re not yet hitched, talking about your finances as a couple is a crucial subject that should be properly ironed out in every relationship.

As mentioned earlier, the love shared between two people can be very powerful and many times, couples get carried away and neglect the subject of finances in the process. However, this should not be so as before going into official partnership (marriage) with your proposed life partner, you are both expected to discuss and create a financial plan that benefits the both of you. If for some reason you have not yet had this discussion and you’re already married (perhaps you have just been winging it) those days should quickly come to a halt as you now need to take more proactive steps towards your finances as a couple.

There are financial decisions, procedures, and steps both of you can take to ensure that you are both financially secure now and in the future.


  1. Pulling Financial Resources Together.

Whether it’s in form of a joint savings account or some form of banking set-up created to allocate prescribed percentages of your income into a central account, you and your partner should endeavor to have some sort of money pond where you both throw in something each month or so. This is the kind of money talk you want to have before tying the knot. This way you’re sure that you’re not only marrying your life partner but that you’ve also got yourself a financial partner for life.

  1. Joint Investments.

A couple can decide to invest in real estate, bonds or any profitable and secure form of investment provided that they’re both in the know and aware of their vested interests. This will benefit each couple in the grand scheme of things and it is important to initiate as early as possible into the relationship (especially for married couples).

  1. Life Insurance.

Nobody likes to talk about the end especially at the beginning. But we’ve found that it is exactly the best time to talk about it. At African Alliance, there are special life insurance covers for spouses that will be of great advantage to both parties. When the end finally comes (and we hope not soon enough), the surviving couple will be able to benefit immensely and when the dust settles you will come to realize that you both made the right decision.


Many relationships, marriages, and engagements have been known to take a huge hit as a result of a faulty or non-existent financial partnership between both couples. To avoid such an unfortunate situation, it is paramount that you adhere to some or all of the suggested ways you can go into financial partnership with your life partner as stated above.


Start The Year with These 5 Saving Tips that Work

Posted on: 31st Dec 2018

As the year winds down to a close, a lot of people are easily caught in the frenzy of celebrations. We know that these end of year festivities take a toll on your finances and as much as you try to cut down on your budget, our efforts are sometimes futile. So at the end of the day and after all is said and done, the year ends and many of us have depleted a lot of funds inevitably hurting our savings in the process.

So how do we save when the New Year eventually kicks off? How do we deploy saving tactics that will enable us to begin the year confident that we are on a path to financial recuperation? As the curtain closes and the 2018 show shuts down, we all need to brace ourselves for what’s to come.

To do this, we’d be discussing five (5) saving tips that actually work. They include;


  1. Save A Percentage of your Monthly Income.

As the New Year begins, you need to make an intentional decision to save a percentage of your income. Whether your money comes in daily, weekly or monthly, allocate a stipulated portion of it to be saved. About 15-30% of your monthly income should suffice. Discipline yourself to always save this exact percentage no matter what. We know that expenses will always come but remind yourself that you save so as not to have the floor removed from under you especially in these uncertain times.






 2. Make A List of Goals to Save For.

When attempting to save, there’s no better motivator than setting a goal or goals. It can be something big or something small but once it is penned down as a goal, saving towards it becomes much easier. Putting money aside for that particular goal whether short term or long will enable you to make conscious efforts to save especially as the New Year begins.

  1. Prioritize your Expenses.

Now that you’ve taken the decision to make good savings at the start of the New Year, there will always be expenses that tend to rise up and deplete your savings even before they mature into anything tangible. These expenses may not necessarily be emergencies and as a result, you will need to prioritize your spending. What this means is, if it is not absolutely important or emergent, then save your money.

  1. Keep and Review Records of your Savings.

If you ever doubted your ability to save, keeping records and reviewing your progress after a while is one of the best tips to keep yourself reassured of your efforts. When you are able to document your savings and review how far you’ve come from time to time, saving becomes a bit easier as you are spurred to continue on this positive trail.





  1. Utilize The Right Saving Tools.

There are only a few people who still receive their income by hand, the larger percentage get paid via a financial institution. If you fall in the latter, then at the beginning of the year request for an automated saving plan that will authorize your bank to send a specified amount of your income to a separate savings account.

You can also choose the wiser option of investing a portion of your income by employing one of the favorable life insurance packages at African Alliance Plc.


These tips actually work when followed to the teeth. They are not some impracticable set of exercises. It’s been a tough year so far and even as we hope for a better year ahead, we all need to be prepared regardless.


3 African Alliance Insurance Policies to Kick-start an Investment Lifestyle

Posted on: 28th Dec 2018


The secret to a better lifestyle, an investment lifestyle, isn’t by waiting to first have monthly earnings like a Femi Otedola or the annual income of a Dangote. No! You don’t have to be making insane money to live a financially secure life. You don’t need a promotion to MD before you make buying insurance policies your priority. You can be an employer or an employee, you may hold a white-collar job or you might even be an entrepreneur, but whatever you do, you are not unfit to kick-start a life funded by investments.


At African Alliance, we believe that life should be wholesome and that one of the greatest achievements you can make while alive, is investing in insurance policies that will benefit you and cater for your family should the tides of fate no longer favor you.


There are policies that seek to only insure life and that’s about it, but we’ve made it a top priority to insure life and assure you a certain lifestyle while at it. It is not an illusion when we say you can enjoy a plush lifestyle purely hinged on insurance investment policies uniquely tailored to give you the best life.


Allow us to introduce to you, three (3) of such peculiar insurance policies that will get your investment lifestyle underway.


  1. The Investment Plus Plan.

How incredible will it be if we told you that you could save money, earn interest on said savings and automatically attain a life cover? Almost too good to be true, right? But guess what? It’s as real as it gets. From as low as N4999.99, you can invest in your future by making savings which generate a 5% interest paid to you. This is of course in addition to the life insurance your family is awarded, should anything happen to you.


  1. The Money Appreciation Plan.

With this policy, you are allowed to make an investment by pulling together savings that will result in earnings where the payout is up to 30%. In every one-third of the period of cover, the payout will suffice. If you were thinking of making savings elsewhere, this plan allows you to put your best foot forward in one fell swoop. This is because, in addition to your savings, this hybrid investment plan comes with a life insurance cover as well. Your money literally appreciates within the duration of the plan and you can always cash out when it matures.


  1. The Children Education Plan.

There are very few things in life more worthwhile than your children and so it’s no wonder that parents often do their best to invest in the educational future of their young ones. Therefore, the children education plan was created to do justice to parents who aspire to give their children quality education. The secret of some unassuming people around you who have kids in some of the best schools is the children education plan. It allows them to invest and look out for their children while they’re alive and even when they are no more.


Amazing stuff isn’t it?! Talk about living the life even on the occasion of your demise, as these insurance policies will have you so well invested, you and your family can finally have one less thing to worry about. All you have to do is make the decision and set the ball rolling because if it’s cover you seek, African Alliance got you covered.


5 Family-Friendly Places in Nigeria to Visit this Christmas Holiday

Posted on: 24th Dec 2018

Nigerians absolutely love the holidays with a special bias to Christmas. While it may be a religious holiday for many who are Christians, it is probably the most anticipated holiday in the country as even Muslims look forward to it. A lot has usually happened within the year and as it comes to an end, most people, most families just want to unwind.


Christmas around the world has managed to translate to spending time spent with family. Many people get so busy with their lives during the year, that they fail to make out time for family. You can fix all that by taking yourself and your family on a small vacation within the country. There are lovely places to visit for the holidays here in Nigeria. They are perfect for family bonding and also quite family-friendly too.


1  Obudu Cattle Ranch

The Obudu resort is probably still the leading vacation destination in Nigeria. Its exquisite natural flare mixed with a ton of enjoyable man-made inventions, all come together to make it a perfect vacation location for families.


The resort is located in Cross-River state and has a huge water park with water slides embedded. It also has a remarkable swimming pool, options for horse-back riding and an actual golf course.


Your family is in for a real treat at the Obudu resort. Its natural components support hiking through the forest to see birds, an exercise that is sure to inspire family-bonding.


2.       Tinapa Business Resort.

It is so well equipped for fun and relaxation, one can say it is the best version of  Disneyland in Nigeria. Tinapa is a leisure resort located in Calabar. It is specifically situated near the Calabar Free Trade Zone.


At the Tinapa resort, everything screams out fun for the whole family. When and if you do decide to visit, your itinerary would be filled with so many breathtaking activities it will create priceless memories.


The Tinapa is home to a cinema with as much as eight screening theatres, a mini amphitheater, dozens of restaurants and pubs and slides for the children.


3.       Lekki Conservation Centre

Located in Lagos state, it is probably the largest controlled natural habitat in Nigeria. You and your family will be duly entertained as you spot numerous animals loitering around the centre. From monkeys to tons of birds, to tortoise and sometimes reptiles in the swamp.


There are huts for picnics and a gigantic chess (floor) board with the pieces to match. Your family is going to have a great time over at the LCC.


4.       The Benin-City National Museum


As much as we want to have rigorous fun, the Benin City national museum offers a ton of historical knowledge for everybody in the family. Nevertheless, the fascination that comes with learning about these ancient artifacts can become very interesting and fun for the children.


The museum is home to items that tell a tale of the Benin empire. Objects made out of terra-cotta, bronze and cast iron, litter most parts of the museum.


5.       Abraka Turf and Country Club

Delta state is home to a turf and country club with suitable recreational activities for the whole family. It’s built like a savannah and encourages long walks, horse-back riding and lots of fun exercises for you and the kids.


Spending time with your family this holiday will further strengthen the bond that binds you all. Do so by visiting any of these family-friendly places this Christmas and be sure to make everlasting memories.




5 Expense Cutting Hacks

Posted on: 14th May 2018

Expense cutting hack African ALliance

Expenses makeup up to 70% of most people’s budget. They are almost a necessity as you can’t live without them. The basic expenses revolve around food, clothing and shelter but with human evolution, our expenses have evolved too. They have expanded to cover phone bills, internet, pursuit of self actualization, education and so much more. It is therefore important to know how to cut down ones expenses to make the best use of our money.

These are 5 Expense-Cutting Hacks

  1. Make purchases based on quality not quantity. This is a cheaper choice long term. Quality lasts longer, appears better and gives better satisfaction.
  2. Be creative with your gifts. Thoughtful gifts are worth way more than expensive gifts. A handmade card, a home-cooked meal, a grand gesture (like reconnecting families), a day off work with your child, and anything you can come up with that would make your loved one feel loved. These gifts are priceless not pricey.
  3. Volunteer for events. That way, you’ll attend the event for free. You will even have access to back stage activities. It is totally a win-win and you will even grow your CV/LinkedIn profile and network while doing this. It totally pays
  4. Have a no spend day once a week. Try not to spend a dime for a whole day. It may seem difficult but it is totally possible and doable. It could be on a Sunday, as it is a weekend and you don’t even have to go out. Try it out and tell us how you feel at the end of the day
  5. Don’t keep change loose. Value change. Little drops of water makes an ocean. Save the little change. Invest it. 

In summary,

Expense cutting hacks

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