5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Family Members.

Posted on: 4th Dec 2018


The season of Christmas tells of joy and happiness. It’s a time when families do their best to come together to celebrate the holidays. Now, whether you’re in the same house, same city or in the diaspora, whether you’re coming home this Christmas to see your loved ones or not, everybody and more importantly every Nigerian knows they cannot show up empty-handed. You may not have a pot belly and white beards or a red and white suit with an army of reindeers, but as far as most Nigerian families are concerned, you are your family’s Santa Claus and you are expected to come bearing gifts.


The bone of contention, however, is that even though most people are thoughtful and want to appreciate their families by gifting them wonderful things this Christmas, they are also worried about the finance to do so and wouldn’t want to hurt their savings.


Even more importantly, many do not know how to go about it and hence, we have done our best to have listed here, a wealth of considerations outlining five (5) gift ideas for family members. They are;


  1. A Christmas Holiday Trip.

There are many ways to go about gifting your loved ones a fun Christmas holiday trip. In Nigeria, there are fun holiday locations around the country. This gift idea is suitable for the whole family. The year has been tough and a holiday trip away from home is a good idea.


  1. Special Spa Treatment.

Nobody ever turns down a spa treatment. It’s going to be even more memorable if they’ve never been to a spa ever or in a long while. With the stress the typical Nigerian has to endure all year, some deep tissue massage, beauty treatment, pedicure, and a manicure would do your family members some good.


  1. Clothes, Jewelry & Clothing Ornaments.

You can never go wrong with gifting your family clothes. If you’re able to do your research beforehand, get them clothing items they’ve been desiring all year. You can also take the initiative to get them customized pieces of clothing, jewelry for women, watches, cuff-links, and ties for men, perfumes and so on. If you can obtain their measurements, some tailor-made attires will leave them in high spirits. Also, while this gift idea cuts across all the categories, the children in a typical Nigerian family expect their Christmas clothes, so it’s a no-brainer.


  1. Gift Card or Gift Voucher.

Some family members are very unpredictable when it comes to giving them gifts. Whether it’s Christmas or even their birthdays, you just don’t know what they want. You might even be tempted to give them money instead. Nonetheless, purchasing a gift card or voucher easily solves this dilemma. There’s nothing better than a shopping spree having been blessed with a gift voucher to gift yourself what you want.


  1. The Gift of Life Insurance.

You want to give your family members something they can all enjoy at the same time? Are you thinking of leaving them gifts beyond just Christmas? Then sign up for a life insurance policy and give them the best gift of all this Christmas.


Nigerians are very family-oriented people.  They will move mountains for you just by emerging from the same tribe or having come from the same village. So it is only expected that for family members, one has to be intentional in giving gifts that would put smiles on their faces.



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