3 Ways to Stay Mentally Stable In a Lockdown

Posted on: 30th Apr 2020

With the Covid-19 lockdown, the normal realities of our lives have evolved. For most people, life has shrunk to the size of a few rooms, no parties, no outdoor relaxation, and losing the ability to see friends. The lockdown is important and we have to keep to the directives from the government. 

However, while this remains important, it’s also important we look for ways to curb the impact the lockdown is having on us both physically and emotionally. If this is not addressed, it can make us less able to think clearly and work productively. 

The next 3 tips will offer you practical steps that can stabilize your state of mind and help you stay happy throughout the lockdown and also after.

1. Stick to a routine




Since the lockdown started, many have relaxed on their daily routines and have found themselves bored, disheveled, or even confused. A good routine can improve your lifestyle and enhance your productivity throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

Setting a routine doesn’t mean you have to get up at the same time as you would have done if you were going out to work.  In fact, the lockdown is a good opportunity to rest and relax your body from all the stress it has been through. 

Experts have advised that you should aim to wake up and go to bed at approximately the same time each day.


2. Good Self-care


The period of lockdown is a good time to soothe away your stresses. Smile, de-stress with products like CBD Oil UK, keep fit and show extra love to your body. There are some cbd products such as disposable vape pen made from purple runtz weed strain that when smoked, you’ll feel as if you’re taking a vacation from the stresses of life, you can find out more about the many CBD products that are in the market and how great they are.

The following tips can help.

  • Engage in exercises indoor – You can try Yoga, Dancing, and some minimal cardio. There are tons of videos online to guide you with this.
  • Self pamper – Find time to show some love to your body. An indoor spa session, a hair cut, try out a new facial, treat yourself to a bath soak or a mini pedicure session.
  • Eat healthily – Try out a new recipe or include more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. 


3. Cut down on social media


With the spread of the coronavirus globally and especially in Nigeria, we naturally feel inclined to keep up with the latest developments and advice. Unfortunately, information overload (from sensational news to fake news and speculations) would most likely increase your anxiety.

 Limit how much you tune in to the news, interact with social media, or watch stress-inducing films. Pick an outlet you trust and check in once or twice per day.  When looking to stay on top of the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

Engage in fun activities with your immediate household, research or read good books, online interactions with friends or video calls where you can actually see another human face will really help.



4. Invest in your future



Spend time to think and plan how you can better prepare you and your family to live well in times of unforeseen occurrences such as the Covid-19 lockdown. Your future is what you make it and you have the opportunity to make it the best for you and your loved ones by securing an insurance plan which helps you live a life of peace.

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