#SecureTheBag2019: 3 Ways Smart People are investing in 2019

Posted on: 6th Aug 2019

There is still a healthy five months remaining in the year, 2019 and as you might reckon, it’s been a good one so far for many folks. However, as more people figure out intelligent ways to make the most out of the year, one cannot help but wonder how he/she can get in on the action. Investments. It’s the key to real wealth and to put it quite simply, the best way to secure the bag in the year 2019. Obviously, you’re not planning to make only enough income to stuff into a duffle bag (for those who don’t get the argot or reference) but it’s actually a mantra/slogan that reminds you to always stay focused on acquiring multiple streams of wealth, or in this case investments.


In times like this when all sorts of financial interests abound, what are smart ways one can invest in the year 2019? Without further ado, these are the three (3) best ways we could come up with to invest in 2019. They include;


  1. The African Alliance Investment Plus Plan.

The Alliance Investment Plus offers a sweet deal for virtually everybody as it allows you to truly invest in your future. The African Alliance Plus Plan provides you an avenue to save money and it also gives you the almost unbelievable benefit of earning up to 5% in interest. Investing in this plan is a smart one as it also has attached to it a life cover that reaches amounts as high as 1 million naira. There are not many insurance companies pushing investment plans that come with life insurance let alone the provision to assign one like this to your documented beneficiaries in the event of your death. Find out more about this investment plan: Click HERE


  1. Your Career.

Your career is such a pivotal part of your wealth creation process as the money that you use as seed capital for most of your investments come from here. In making investments for your career, you want to consider the Income Investment Plan by African Alliance. This plan allows you to save up for a minimum period of up to 5 years. In that time, your savings also afford you a basic life insurance cover. Take a moment and think of the amount of money you can generate to help further invest in your career. Find out more about this plan: Click Here


Nonetheless, you can also improve your career stance by making yourself more marketable to employers. Depending on the amount of free time you have, get a certification, a Master’s Degree, etc. It can be weekend or night classes or can even be done online.


  1. A Side Hustle.

The year 2019 is operation #SecureTheBag by any means necessary (as long as it’s legal anyway) and this couldn’t be more profound as statistics show that this year alone has recorded a surge in entrepreneurship. People are taking their own destinies into their hands and setting up side hustles that earn them some extra income. As a matter of fact, some smart people have been able to grow these small businesses so much that it generates more income than that of their regular jobs. The questions to ask yourself include; what am I passionate about? Which hobby can I turn into a business? Answer these and you might just be on your way to a lifetime investment.


The year 2019 belongs to smart people who are willing to take chances and make some viable investments. African Alliance has made it possible to have viable investments and cheap insurance in one balanced package. Our doors are always open and if you intend to join the league of smart people, if you want to be part of the club, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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