Posted on: 23rd Oct 2019

Life Insurance company in Nigerai| African Alliance Insurance | ICM Activation


To mark Nigeria’s Independence Day Celebrations and to further fulfil our commitment to improve the lives of Nigerians. African Alliance Insurance PLC kicks-off a 3-month Insurance Education Campaign with the Launch of a Mobile Experience center (KIOSK) at the Ikeja city mall (ICM), Lagos.


This development became necessary after a recent rise in the need to educate more Nigerians on the benefits of Insurance. Recent development shows that there is only a meagre 1% insurance penetration rate in Nigeria, which indicates that only about 3 million Nigerians have any form of insurance whatsoever.


Reasons cannot be far-fetched as recent data has shown that more than half of the Nigerian population are living below the poverty line, and as such the idea of insurance is unthinkable to a significant number of Nigerians. In addition, consumer purchasing power continues to be negatively impacted by high inflation.


Speaking on the campaign and the need to Re-educate Nigerians about Insurance, Ms. Stella Osanebi, Corporate Communications, African Alliance Insurance says it is important that Nigerians begin to see the role insurance plays in improving our lives and the lives of our children.

“Insurance should never be seen as a burden, for the rich, or something to only pay attention to when there is a lot of income, rather it should be seen as a means to survive the unpredictable economy and eventualities of life. At African Alliance, we have decided to come closer to the people, to share the benefits of Insurance and to also take time to explain the value of signing up for our specially crafted plans which cater to Risk protection, Savings and Investment plan.”


Life Insurance company in Nigerai| African Alliance Insurance | ICM Activation



The campaign is scheduled to run for 3 months, with a Free Seminar every Saturday on Insurance Education and a Special activity for Parents and Children every Sunday. Staffs and Representative of African Alliance will also be on ground throughout the week, to guide the audience on the best plans to invest in. From the Money appreciation Plan, Alliance Investment Plus Plan, Income Investment Plan, Alliance Smart Kid, Child Education Plan among other plans.


The KIOSK will be stationed at the Ikeja City Mall (ICM), Lagos from October 1st, 2019 to December 30th 2019, and it will be open to new and existing customers for all enquires.

The office will be open every day from Monday to Sunday, between 9am and 7pm.







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