Ways To Homeschool Your Kids

Posted on: 20th May 2020

The reality of Covid-19 has kept all schools and most businesses closed. Most Parents now work from home and school students are being homeschooled. As a parent, are you overwhelmed with working from home, attending to household chores, and still homeschooling your kids?

These can be really challenging, but we believe you can successfully catch up on your daily tasks and still homeschool your kids like a pro!

Here are some tips you can follow.



 The first step to a successful daily routine is by waking up at the same time every day. Draw up an activity schedule and ensure to follow it daily.  Do not make it overly serious or formal. 

Break your routine timetable into Daily to-dos. From the wake-up time, activity time, lunch/snack time, nap time, and even entertainment time. An allotted time should be devoted to each activity and it should be designed to accommodate your office hours too.

A good routine will give you time to attend your office work or business meeting and also give the kids something to look forward to.



In order to track their progress, it is important to set learning goals. This helps you know what to focus on as well. Remember to reward your child’s growth and improvements.



This is an excellent time to invest in a printer. 

You can simply source for online DIY learning resources, print these, and engage your child without stress. With as little as  N15,000 to N20,000, you can get a good printer that will ease the process of homeschooling for you and your child(ren). It helps you occupy your kids gainfully, while you work or catch-up on chores.

There are tons of free printables online that will fit your child’s school curriculum.  



Great outdoor activities for 30 minutes to one hour every day is very healthy, entertaining, and brain-stimulating. Most parents find out that after a fun session of outdoor activities with their kids, the kids are exhausted and immediately go to nap, giving parents enough time to catch up on their tasks. 

Try outdoor activities like exercises, bug-hunting, gardening, Bicycle rides, yard games, etc. These activities help children to learn and catch fun at the same time.


At some point, you as a parent may need full concentration to finish up a document or a strategy meeting with your work team, but with your, the kids needing all your attention, balancing out might seem like a herculean task. Then increasing screen time for your kids, like allowing them to play mobile games such as tridewi, can be helpful and do not feel guilty while at it. 

Child experts agree that you can increase screentime for your kids to allow you some privacy to complete your unfinished work. 

If your former screentime curfew was 1 hour, you can add an additional 30mins to 1 hour. This will keep them entertained and occupied while you work. You may download on-screen resources online or use educational Youtube pages as additional learning aids for your kids to explore.



Understand that your kids are also having a tough time as well and try to find new ways to adjust to their new reality. Be flexible but firm!

On some days, if they don’t want to do school work, allow them to take a break and remember to reward good behavior. 



Homeschooling should not be only about school work. Spend time to help your child develop good life skills like learning table manners, good etiquette, laying the bed, bathing themselves, knitting, sewing, barbing, a new language, gardening, etc. 

Any skill your child develops today will play a part in their overall development.


These are trying times for all of us and it is important that you give yourself a break and do not feel guilty for not doing as much as the teachers at school. We are our best selves without pressure. Remember to share the work of homeschooling with your partner or a live-in family member too.


We know you want the best for your child(ren). Please take out time to learn about our affordable Educational Plans for your child? Start CEP or ASK with as low as 6000 Naira.


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