Preparing for the Holiday Season

Posted on: 29th Oct 2021


There is nothing like too much preparation and as we are just a few weeks before the holiday season begins, it is not too early to pay attention to small things you can do to prepare for the best holiday experience.

The last quarter can be a stressful time for many people especially those who work. Work deadlines, financial stress and even emotional pressure make the last quarter of the year a stressful time for many people. It is therefore important that you make the most out of the holidays by having the best time.

These are 5 things you can do to prepare to have the best holiday experience

1. Plan ahead

Create a map of how you want your holidays to look like, this should include the people you want to visit, the events you want to attend, the gifts you want to share and even the types of food you want to cook if you are hosting. When you are done, take a look and criticise it. Can you afford it?
What can you cut from the list and still have the kind of holiday you’d like?

2. Create a budget

Look at your plan and come up with a budget for the things you have decided to do. Having a budget might help you resist the urge to overspend.

3. Start shopping early

With your plan and your budget, it makes it easier to start your holiday shopping sooner rather than later. Stores and businesses start giving discounts early which can cause quite a rush so in order to avoid the rush of last minute shopping, start early.

4. Make reservations for holiday travel

A lot of people travel during the holidays for either tourism or to visit family so if you have plans to travel, this is the time to make reservations for flights and hotel. While somethings get cheaper during the holiday, flights get more expensive and hotels get filled up fast. Don’t get stranded, plan ahead.

5. Make fun plans

If you don’t have plans of traveling during the holidays, this might be the time to research on the events and fun activities you’d like to participate in. There are usually a lot of shows, stage plays, concerts and curated events happening during the holidays so make note of the ones you’d like to attend and prepare for it.

It is important that as you try to make the most out of your holiday, you practice financial discipline as well. Don’t spend all your money during this period as life continues after the holiday.

Want to learn more on financial discipline? Click here.

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