How To Make Your Salary Last The Month

Posted on: 2nd Jun 2021

Living from paycheck to paycheck can be draining especially when you find it difficult to invest or take on projects. If you can relate with your account balance being in the red zone by the third week of the month, we are here to help with these tips:

  • Create an expense sheet

Money management starts with you tracking your spending. Create an expense sheet where you highlight the things you spend money on which can help you keep unnecessary spending in check.

  • Stash your spending money

When your salary comes in, it is normal to want to start spending immediately, however separating your spending money from your savings will not only help with financial discipline, it will also help you have sizable savings especially if you take our Money Appreciation Plan (MAP)

  • Pay yourself weekly

To be accountable with money, you need to be able to track your spending. Paying yourself weekly will help you monitor as well as control your spending.

  • Live within your means

Your lifestyle is a huge factor in how much you spend or save. Do not spend outside what you can conveniently afford and don’t take on a lifestyle that will get you into debt. Live within your means/income.

Having a plan and saving towards a goal will help you stay committed.

This is why you should check out our Money Appreciation Plan and Esusu+; two tried and trusted plans you would love.

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