Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

Posted on: 10th Feb 2021

Valentine's day

Valentine’s day is for the celebration of love, and one of the best ways you can express love is by giving gifts to the people you care about. However, with the current economic situation, it is important that you give gifts that are financially smart as well as thoughtful.

See below the different types of Valentine’s day gifts you can get your loved ones this season.


  • Breakfast in Bed.

This is such a great gift because it is both thoughtful and romantic. However, if you are a couple that already does this often, you can try to shake things up by making him/her their favourite meal as breakfast. You can also include other things to this package like playing your loved one’s favourite song while they eat, make breakfast a 3-course meal or watch movies on Netflix after breakfast.

  • Gift them a Book

If your better half is a book lover, then getting them a book they have always wanted to read is a no-brainer. Books are an amazing gift because they come in all shapes and sizes; Hardcover, paperback, audiobook, eBook, Epub and Pdf. To make this gift more thoughtful, try to know which format your loved one likes to read their books in. If you don’t know, you can go ahead to gift them a book in all formats instead. You should also try to know which book(s) your better half is currently excited about reading. To put the cherry on the top of this gift, you can as well try to get the hard copy of the book autographed by the author.

  • Gift them Stock/Bond

This is something new couples are trying out. Instead of spending money on physical gifts and consumables that can finish, some coupes have started giving out monetary assets as gifts instead. This is a great way to show your better half that you are financially sound and is interested in growing wealth with them.

  • Get Life Insurance

We are in an uncertain world where anything can happen and with the economic situation in the country, you want to give your partner that assurance that whether you are there or not, you will continue to have their back and that can be the ultimate love declaration. Get a life insurance plan to show that you love them.


  • Customised gifts

Because parents are very special, giving a more customized gift item is advisable to make valentine memorable to them. Your gift to your parents could something physical like a customized mug, kitchen sets, matching accessories like rings, watches and so on. It could also be a personal experience like spending the entire day with them, taking them out to the beach, or anywhere relaxing.


Getting a valentine gift for children could be a bit tricky as it depends a lot on the age range of the child and what they are interested in

1. For children between the ages of 4-8

For this category, the types of gifts you can get include toys, pyjamas, comic books, learning items (like math set), and candy.

2. For children between the ages of 9-16

For this category, you can give them gifts like a game console (Play station, Xbox), a bicycle, phone, backpack or even new clothes. Taking them out to the amusement park or restaurant is also a valid gift.

3. For children of all ages

If there is a constant in the 21st century, it is that quality education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give your children. Getting them any of our education plans like the Children Education plan (CEP) and African Alliance Smart Kid Plan (ASK) and give them the gift of a bright future.

Giving out gifts on valentine’s day still remains one of the best ways of showing love. However, it is worthy of note that a gift shouldn’t really be what you would like to give, rather it should be what your Valentine would like to have. This should be the key guiding factor towards what you eventually give your partner. Always remember that it is the thought you put in that counts.


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