Posted on: 14th Feb 2020


Valentine’s Day is not just for romantic relationships, you can show love to your family too. We already know that with family, just flowers won’t do. At African Alliance we are big on family, which is why we came up with these “5 Gift Ideas” for your family this Love Season.

  1. Family Time

Family is all we really have! Take out time off your busy schedule just for them. Say “I love you” and treat them to a full day of fun family activities.

  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Eat out with the family.
  • Visit a Zoo or Resort and Explore Nature with the family.


  1. Family Spa Day

A full day for stress detoxing is an amazing gift idea for your spouse, parent or even sibling, especially in Nigeria. Everyone sure loves a luxurious pampering session. Book a spa appointment and bond over facials and massages. They will definitely love it.

Spa Valentine's Day


  1. Gadget Upgrade

Do you have a family member that is crazy about gadgets? Then the best thing you can give them this season of love is a Gadget Upgrade. Gift them a gadget they have been crushing on for a while or gift them the latest version of what they are currently using.

This is a perfect gift idea for your child, your special niece/nephew or your spouse e.t.c.

  1. A Digital Memory Box

You know how it has become a digital age where people get so busy and forget to capture or document experiences? A digital memory box is a perfect gift to them. Put together a memory box filled with shared experiences, pictures, videos and special moments from the previous year with a note that expresses how much you love them. Sometimes, all your loved ones need is a reminder that they are special and loved.

Make a pick but ensure to make it fun!

  1. Gift Voucher

As much as we would like to guess gifts that will make our loved ones happy, sometimes it can be really hard to figure out without giving away the element of surprise. Gifting them a gift voucher will give them the choice to get the things they really want.

BONUS – TIP: Gift Life Insurance

Telling your family that you love them is one thing, but showing them that you will be there for them forever is another thing. Securing a Life Insurance plan is one of the best ways to show that you will be there for them forever!

African Alliance offers the best plans that suit your needs. Get our Child Education Plan (CEP) as the perfect valentine gift for your children. We also advise the Money Appreciation Plan (MAP) or Alliance Investment plan (AIP) as a perfect valentine gift for your partner, a dear friend or a parent.

All our plans come with Life Insurance cover that gives the assurance that your loved ones will still benefit from your hard work whether you are there to care for them or not. Our plans also allow you to save and also make interest on your savings.

Do you find any of these tips helpful?

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