How Insurance Claims Work

Posted on: 16th Apr 2019

People are naturally not very trusting. Not of each other, not of the government and most certainly not of corporate entities. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that people have an inherent distrust in insurance companies and especially on the subject of insurance claims.

Now, we can go ahead and say that this lack of trust in insurance companies and insurance claims, could be as a result of a deficit in information coupled with very little or no sensitization on the matter – and this would be true. However, this is not the only reason people shy away from insurance. While it is a major factor (not having all the facts about how it works), there is also the issue of mismanagement and unprofessional behavior from (either fraudulent or inexperienced) insurance companies. Some of these people have had personal encounters that have left no pleasant memories, while the larger set of people in this category have heard stories of insurance claims gone wrong or unsubstantiated rumors which have only made matters worse.

In order to quell the misunderstanding and lack of information revolving around insurance claims, it is pertinent to know how it actually works. At African Alliance, we do our best to make this process is as easy, as straightforward and as seamless as possible. Here are some tips to ensure that nothing goes wrong;


  1. Consistent Signature.

In the initial stage when signing up for an insurance policy, you will be presented with what is called a proposal form. Make sure that your signature on this form is consistent (the same) as the one on the claim form. This will avoid a lot of unwarranted issues in the future.


  1. Valid Identification.

Always provide a valid means of identification. So whether it’s a National ID card, International passport, Permanent Voter’s Card or a Driver’s License, make sure that it has not expired when presenting it for documentation.


  1. Up-To-Date Bank Account Information.

The person whose life is being insured must have an active bank account when making claims.


It may not seem like much, perhaps it looks too easy, but with these simple guidelines strictly adhered to, insurance claims at African Alliance tend to go on without a single hitch. It may also interest you to know that these steps are sometimes also easily taken for granted.


It is also important to note that corporate accounts will not cut it for insurance claims and we believe that you would also agree that it is far easier to make payments into your personal account. However, in a case where the claims are to be paid into a joint account, make sure to provide proper documentation of said joint account in order to experience an unproblematic process. Insurance claims work and the smoothness of the procedure or process is also dependent on the insurance company. Hence, when it comes to life you should choose African Alliance PLC, we’re your best bet for all things life insurance.

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