Baytu Surur Plan

(Takaful Mortgage Takaful)

The mortgage plan is designed for anyone who has purchased, built or intend to build/purchase a house by means of an interest free mortgage loan.

Key Features

  • Guaranteed payment of outstanding mortgage should death occur before the mortgage is fully repaid.
  • In line with the concept of Tabaru
  • Guarantor is free of any liability on your loan
  • Peace of mind for the family with a house free of any financial burden
  • Tax relief on contribution
  • Dependants will inherit assets and not liabilities
  • A simple and transparent plan

  • All individuals aged between 18 and 60 years who has a mortgage loan
Takaful Contribution

  • Payable as a lump sum
    It depends on the amount of mortgage loan and mark up profit

Plan Coverage

  • The plan covers death of the participant
Payment of Benefit

  • Outstanding loan facility shall be paid

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