Alliance Group Educator


  •          It is a contract sold through schools
  •         It is aimed at protecting Pupils/ Students of participating schools from premature termination of education as a result of death (by any means) or total permanent disability of the Parent/ Guardian.
  •          It is open to students at any level of education.
  •          Parents/ Guardian must be between the ages of 18-60years to be Eligible.
  •          Medical examination may not be required by Parent/ Guardian if sum assured is below 1M naira
  •          Premium usually paid along with the school fees.

Benefit Payment

  •        In the event of death (whether natural or accidental), partial or permanent disability of the Parent /Guardian, the school fees will be paid until graduation.
  •          It can be converted to Term Assurance where the named child transfers to another school.
  •         One Child can be substituted for another in the course of the term
  •          Where the named Child repeats a class ( maximum of 2 times) the policy will pay school fees until such a Child leaves school consequent upon the death/ permanent disability of the parent/Guardian
  •          Free career and counselling programme are also available to the Pupil/ Student.